Our agency specializes in staffing and crew management services. Corona Crewing provides highly qualified personnel on permanent or temporary basis to clients based all around the globe.

Corona Crewing engages on contractual basis as a full service crewing agency, covering all aspects of the recruitment process: advertising, search, screening, interviewing, assessment, and selection of personnel, identifying the best fit professional for each available position. Corona Crewing meets all candidates’ and clients’ needs by providing full time communication support, comprehensive insurance.

Corona Crewing provides best in class crewing services, our personnel being under contracts worldwide. You are invited to address Corona Crewing whether in search of masters, offshore installation managers, officers, deck crews, engine crews, drilling crews, offshore construction crews, marine consultants, field engineers, service teams, medics, HSE officers, heli teams, catering crews, certified welders, SAT divers, ROV pilots/technicians and many more. All personnel our agency provides encompassing all the marine and offshore specialities.

Communication, reviews, effective feedback, professional development opportunities, together with diversity and equal opportunities policies, and the highest work ethics recommend Corona Crewing as solid business partner for clients worldwide.

Corona Crewing goes in for recruiting the very best, providing tailored recruitment services sourcing seafaring and offshore personnel and offering excellent client support. The crew management services Corona Crewing offers cover each aspect of worldwide manning for specialized offshore support and construction vessels, mobile offshore drilling rigs and fixed platform by making all the administrative and practical arrangements to get crews on work location and by providing project on-going support. Training personnel in partnership with the very best training providers, ensuring certification as per in force regulations for a wide range of sector specific courses answers and exceeds all the clients’ training requirements.